Using Jira on a mobile device

This page is about Jira mobile web, which is accessed using the browser your your device.

For a richer experience, try the Jira Data Center mobile app for iOS and Android.

When you view a Jira page on a mobile device, such as an iPhone or an Android phone, Jira will display an optimized version of the page. Jira chooses the mobile or desktop interface based on your device.

The Jira mobile interface is designed for viewing and interacting with issues on the go. If you need full access to Jira, you can always switch to the Jira desktop interface via the mobile menu (shown in the screenshots below).

What does Jira look like on a mobile device?

What can you do in Jira on a mobile device?

The Jira mobile interface has been designed to give users quick access to their issues on the go. This includes;

  • Viewing issues, comments, attachments, issue links and your favorite filters.
  • Performing basic operations like adding comments, watching or voting on issues and assigning issues to users.

If you need to create or modify issues on the go, you can still do so by switching to the desktop interface via the mobile menu (shown in the screenshots above).

Last modified on Jan 27, 2020

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