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Releasing a version is the culmination of your team's hard work. It may be the result of many iterations of work across a number of months. As the iteration manager, it will be your job to ensure that all the work is complete for the release, and to coordinate the activities needed to release the version.

As described in Configuring versions in a Scrum project and Configuring versions in a Kanban project, versions are handled differently in Scrum and Kanban projects. A version in a Scrum project is pre-planned and is released when the planned work is complete. In a Kanban project, a version can be released at any time — the version will contain all issues that are complete at that time.

The documentation in this section will help you release your version in Jira Software. 

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Check the release status
of a version 

Before you release a version, you need to be sure that everything is ready — issues are complete, code is committed, reviewed and merged, builds are passing, etc. In Jira Software, the Release Hub can provide you with the information you need for a release, in one place. 

Learn more: Checking the release status of a version

Deploy the release

Deploying your release requires actions to be taken on a number of different systems. The version in Jira Software needs to be released, build(s) need to be run to generate the artifact, the artifact needs to be deployed to the right environments, etc.

Learn more: Deploying a release

Create the release documentation

Once you have deployed your release, you may want to create documentation to accompany it. If you have Jira Software connected to Confluence, you can generate a 'Change Log' report in Confluence for your stakeholders.

Learn more: Jira Report Blueprint

Already released your version?

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Last modified on Nov 15, 2017

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