Starting a new project

It's time to start your project! You know what you need to do, and you have a team that is excited to start working. You want to get everyone off to the best start, so let's make sure that your systems are set up and ready to go. 

The documentation in this section will help you configure Jira Software for a new agile development project. This includes creating a new Jira Software project, configuring a board (Scrum/Kanban), configuring your development tools to work with Jira Software, and more.

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Note: it is assumed that you already have a Jira Software instance. If you don't have Jira Software, install Jira Software Server (Installing Jira applications) or sign up for a Jira Software Cloud site account.

Creating or configuring a Jira Software project 

A Jira Software  project is simply a collection of issues (stories, bugs, tasks, etc). You would typically use a project to represent the development work in Jira Software. This could be the work related to a product, a team, etc.

Learn more: Configuring a project

Setting up your repositories, build plans, and review projects

The start of a project is where you would set up new repositories in Bitbucket or FishEye, create build plans in Bamboo, and perhaps create new review projects in Crucible (if you are not using Bitbucket). If you're using alternative tools, consult your vendor's documentation.

Learn more: Create a repository (Bitbucket Cloud), Creating repositories (Bitbucket Server), Configuring plans (Bamboo), Creating a project (Crucible)

Connecting your development tools to Jira Software  

Jira Software can be connected to a range of development tools to help you keep your project tracking in sync with your development work. For example, if you have Bitbucket connected to Jira Software, you can configure issues to automatically transition when commits are made. 

Learn more: Configuring development tools

Connecting your collaboration tools to Jira Software

Every software project requires collaboration, whether it be via chat rooms, online documentation, or team calendars. If you have HipChat (chat), Confluence (wiki) and/or Team Calendars for Confluence (calendars), you can connect them to Jira Software to help you plan and run your project more efficiently. For example, you could get issue notifications in your chat rooms, link specifications to epics or retrospective notes to sprints, include team events on your project calendar, and more. 

Learn more: Configuring collaboration tools

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Last modified on Nov 15, 2017

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