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For information regarding how Atlassian assess and identify alternative apps, please see the parent page which outlines the program in greater detail. Cloud alternatives to your Atlassian Marketplace data center & server apps

About this page

This page lists alternatives to the Marketplace server and data center Confluence apps that do not plan to develop cloud versions of their app in the near future. As you review your apps and plan your migration to cloud, Atlassian will continue to surface alternatives apps so that you can move to cloud without losing significant features or functionalities.

This list will be updated over time as more Marketplace partners confirm their roadmap decisions for their respective apps.

For further Confluence Cloud information please see the page: Learn about Confluence Cloud plans

Confluence apps

Marketplace appAlternative typeSuggested alternative
Announcement Banner for Confluence by Sweet BananasMarketplace Cloud app
Attachment Tracking for Confluence by bitvoodoo agMarketplace Cloud app
Awesome Icons by RumpelcodersMarketplace Cloud app
Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence by LeweMarketplace Cloud app
BPMN Modeler Free by viadee Unternehmensberatung AGMarketplace Cloud app
Bulk User Upload Management Utility by AppfireAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
Cache for Confluence by AppfireAtlassian Cloud
Comala Document Mgmt for Scroll Exporter by K15tMarketplace Cloud app
Comala Document Mgmt for Scroll Versions by K15tMarketplace Cloud app
Comala Metadata by AppfireMarketplace Cloud app
Confluence Avatar Server by Avatar Server by Justin ShapiroAtlassian Cloud
Confluence Enterprise SSO with Keycloak by codecentric AGAtlassian Cloud
Confluence UML Plugin by Atlassian LabsAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Atlassian Cloud
Connector for Google Drive & Confluence by ServiceRocketMarketplace Cloud app
CSV Table Export by Fabian Welz (archived)Marketplace Cloud app
dbView by MustHave TechnologyAtlassian Cloud
digital-signature by Baloise GroupMarketplace Cloud app
Extender for Confluence by it.Lab Adam LabusAtlassian Cloud
External Links for Confluence by bitvoodoo agAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Atlassian Cloud features in Confluence via browser support (Open Link in new Tab)
Flow Board by Artemis Atlassian Apps (an Appfire company)Alternative Atlassian product 
Google Calendar for Confluence by ServiceRocket LabsMarketplace Cloud app
HideElements for Confluence by Lively AppsAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
HTML Elements by Keysight TechnologiesMarketplace Cloud app
HTTP Request Workflow Function Plugin by Micha Kops ( Cloud
Include Content by Keysight TechnologiesMarketplace Cloud app
Inline Comments in the Editor by K15tAtlassian Cloud
InPlace Editor for Confluence by StiltsoftAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Atlassian Cloud features in Confluence (Confluence editor)

IT System and Application Catalogue by CommunardoMarketplace Cloud app
JavaMelody Monitoring Plugin by JavaMelodyNot required in Cloud
K-SSO SAML Kerberos OpenID OIDC/OAuth for Confluence by kantega ssoAtlassian Cloud
Last Log for Confluence by Decadis AGAtlassian Cloud
Last Login Monitoring for Confluence by Smateso GmbHAtlassian Cloud
LaTeX and MathJax by The Plugin PeopleMarketplace Cloud apps
Legacy SharePoint Connector by Communardo Products GmbHMarketplace Cloud app
Linchpin Essentials | Theme & Profiles by //SEIBERT/MEDIAMarketplace Cloud apps
Linchpin Intranet Suite by //SEIBERT/MEDIAMarketplace Cloud apps
Linchpin Mobile (archived app) by //SEIBERT/MEDIA Atlassian Cloud
Linchpin News Digest (archived app) by //SEIBERT/MEDIA Marketplace Cloud app
Log Downloader by AppfireAtlassian Cloud
marked by Boris DiakurMarketplace Cloud app
Mermaid Plugin for Confluence by Alan HohnMarketplace Cloud app
Microsoft SSO Plugin - Confluence Server (PRIVATE APP) by Microsoft Azure Active DirectoryAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
mO Confluence SAML SSO (Single Sign On),Confluence SSO Login by 
Atlassian Cloud
New Status Colors for Jira by Marketplace Cloud app
No Email Storm by StiltsoftAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
Page Views by EliteSoft
Page View Tracker by Old Street SolutionsAtlassian Cloud
PlantUML for Confluence by avonoMarketplace Cloud apps
Play SQL Base by Play SQLMarketplace Cloud apps
Prometheus Exporter for Confluence by AppfireAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Cloud. Instance metric monitoring may not be necessary in the cloud due to guaranteed uptime SLAs Confluence cloud SLAs on premium and enterprise 
Prometheus Exporter PRO for Confluence by AppfireAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Cloud. Instance metric monitoring may not be necessary in the cloud due to guaranteed uptime SLAs Confluence cloud SLAs on premium and enterprise 
PSEA - Play SQL Export Add-on by Requirement Yogi (This is an addon app to Requirements Yogi)Marketplace Cloud apps
Ratings for Confluence by AdaptavistMarketplace Cloud app
Reactions for Confluence by Stiltsoft Europe OÜAtlassian Cloud
Refined Mobile for Confluence by RefinedMarketplace Cloud apps
SAML Single Sign-On (archived app) by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbHAtlassian Cloud
SAML Single Sign On (Confluence SSO) Confluence SAML SSO by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbHAtlassian Cloud
Scroll Translations for Confluence by K15tMarketplace Cloud apps
Search Analytics for Confluence by bitvoodoo agMarketplace Cloud apps
Search and Replace by  RumpelcodersMarketplace Cloud apps
SpaceAuditor - Statistics & Analytics by Vertuna LLCAtlassian Cloud
Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence by //SEIBERT/MEDIAAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app

SU for Confluence by The Plugin PeopleAtlassian Cloud
Survey and Vote Macros by AppfireMarketplace Cloud apps
Table Library for Bob Swift Add-ons by AppfireNot required in Cloud
Talk - Advanced Inline Comments by StiltsoftAtlassian Cloud
Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence by bitvoodoo agAtlassian Cloud
Tooltip for Confluence by EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KGAtlassian Cloud
Tracking Access for Confluence by ServiceRocketAtlassian Cloud
  • Native to Atlassian Cloud feature offering - analytics/insight View insights on spaces

  • Atlassian Access. User-created activity audit logs also surfaces user confluence page actions (without UI graphical component).
User Export for Confluence by Netic A/SAtlassian Cloud
User Switcher for Confluence by Sweet BananasAtlassian Cloud
Wiki Markup for Confluence by AppfireMarketplace Cloud app
Zephyr Scale Reporting for Confluence by SmartBearMarketplace Cloud apps
Last modified on Feb 22, 2023

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