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For information regarding how Atlassian assess and identify alternative apps, please see the parent page which outlines the program in greater detail. Cloud alternatives to your Atlassian Marketplace Data Center & Server apps

About this page

This page lists alternatives to the Marketplace Server and Data Center Jira apps that do not plan to develop Cloud versions of their app in the near future. As you review your apps and plan your migration to Cloud, Atlassian will continue to surface alternatives apps so that you can move to Cloud without losing significant features or functionality.

This list will be updated over time as more Marketplace partners confirm their roadmap decisions for their respective apps.

For further Jira Cloud information please see the page: Learn about Jira Cloud plans

Jira Apps

Marketplace Jira appAlternative typeSuggested alternative
Active Directory Attributes Sync by DevinitiMarketplace Cloud app
Active User Filter by Modus Create LabsAtlassian Cloud
API Token Authentication Jira by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbHAtlassian Cloud
API Tokens for Jira by Wombats CorpAtlassian Cloud
Artezio Burndown Chart (archived app) for Jira by ArtezioAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
Artezio Kanban Board for Jira (archived app) by ArtezioAtlassian Cloud
Attachments Manager for Jira by VotazzMarketplace Cloud app
Auditor for Jira by \ Enhancera, LLCMarketplace Cloud apps
Bulk Move Subtasks for Jira by VotazzAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
CA Agile Smart Flags by Capital City ConsultantsAtlassian Cloud
CCC Last comment by capital city consultantsMarketplace Cloud apps
Component Watcher for Jira by Austin DaelemansMarketplace Cloud app
Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar by QotilabsAtlassian Cloud
Copy To Clipboard by Andrey V MarkelovMarketplace Cloud app
Custom Fields Issues Manager for Jira by VotazzMarketplace Cloud apps
Easy Links for Jira by coded PoetryMarketplace Cloud apps
Enhanced Project Properties by ILA eSolutionMarketplace Cloud app
Epic Roadmap for Jira Software by Everit Kft.Marketplace Cloud apps
Field Security Plugin for Jira by quisapps.comMarketplace Cloud apps
Filter & Dashboard Manager for Jira by VotazzAtlassian Cloud
Gerrit Code Review for Jira by MeetMe, Inc.Marketplace Cloud app
Home Directory, Database & Log Browser for Jira by VotazzAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app

Atlassian Cloud:

Marketplace apps:

InstaPrinta - Print Jira Issues directly by //SEIBERT/MEDIAMarketplace Cloud apps
Issue History Printer for Jira by CURVC Corp.Marketplace Cloud apps
JEditor - Rich Text Editor for Jira by BobronixMarketplace Cloud app
  • Simple Edit by Lizard Brain Atlassian Apps (an Appfire company)
Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite by MarvelutionMarketplace Cloud app
JExcel PRO - The Power of Excel in Jira by MORESIMPMarketplace Cloud app
Jigit - Jira GitHub & GitLab integration by Move Work ForwardMarketplace Cloud app
Jira Enterprise SSO with Keycloak by codecentric AGAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
Jira Project Role Tab by Holger SchimanskiMarketplace Cloud app
Jira Syntax Highlighter Plugin (archived app) by Holger SchimanskiAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app

Atlassian Cloud

Marketplace app:

JQL Booster Pack by Sweet BananasMarketplace Cloud apps
K-SSO SAML Kerberos OAuth for Jira by Katenga SSO Atlassian Cloud
Kanban Gantt for Jira (jGantt) by MrAddon® by TecnoForMarketplace Cloud app
Last Log for Jira by Decadis AGAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app

Atlassian Cloud:

Marketplace apps:

Learn for Jira (archived app) by AdaptavistMarketplace Cloud app
My ToDo by My.comMarketplace Cloud apps Calendar by My.comMarketplace Cloud apps
mO Jira SAML SSO (Single Sign On), Jira SSO Login by miniOrangeAtlassian Cloud
mO Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for JIRA by miniOrangeAtlassian Cloud
Natural Searchers for Jira by EEA communication solutionsMarketplace Cloud app
New Status Colors for Jira  by www.MrAddon.comMarketplace Cloud app
Out of Office Assistant by Akeles consultingMarketplace Cloud app
Outgoing Email Template Editor for Jira by VotazzMarketplace Cloud apps
Prism: Code Syntax Highlighting by Prism ProjectAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
  • Native features within Jira Cloud

Marketplace apps with more advanced features: 

Project Archiver for Jira by //SEIBERT/MEDIAAtlassian Cloud
Project Metrics by ACA IT-SolutionsMarketplace Cloud app
Project Specific Select Field by Holger SchimanskiMarketplace Cloud app
Not required in Cloud
  • Instance metric monitoring may not be necessary in the Cloud due to guaranteed uptime SLAs: Jira Cloud plans
Query Issues Custom Fields by Atlassian Cloud
Quick Subtasks for Jira by Micha Kops ( Cloud & Marketplace Cloud apps

Atlassian Cloud:

Marketplace apps:

Recycle Bin for Jira by t2consultMarketplace Cloud app
RemindMe for Jira by Communardo (Archived app)Marketplace Cloud apps
Rich Filters::PDF Reports for Jira by QotilabsMarketplace Cloud app 
Rich Filters::Service Management Dashboards by QotilabsMarketplace Cloud app 
Risk Management for Jira by jPlugsMarketplace Cloud app
Salesforce Integration Plugin (Jira 7 & earlier) by Goldfinger Holdings, Inc.Marketplace Cloud apps 
SAML Single Sign On (Jira SSO) Jira SAML SSO by resolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbHAtlassian Cloud
Security Fields and Attachments by Atlas teamMarketplace Cloud apps
select2 by PitronoteAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud apps
Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters by QotilabsAtlassian Cloud
Show Saved Filter with Columns for Jira by jPlugsAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud apps

Atlassian Cloud:

Marketplace apps:

SIL Engine for Power Suite by AppfireMarketplace Cloud app
  • Power Scripts - Jira Workflow Automation by Appfire
Simple Traffic Lights for Jira by t2consultMarketplace Cloud app
SLA PowerBox - On Time Service Delivery by AlmariseMarketplace Cloud apps 
SSO connector for Crowd and Jira by miniOrangeAtlassian Cloud
Structure.Testy - Test Checklists by ALM WorksMarketplace Cloud app
SU for Jira by  The Plugin PeopleAtlassian Cloud
Subversion ALM by Marketplace Expert SLMarketplace Cloud app
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira by DevinitiMarketplace Cloud app
Threaded comments for Jira by VotazzMarketplace Cloud app
Translation for Jira Service Management by DevinitiAtlassian Cloud & Marketplace Cloud app
TROCK Timetracking Overview And Logging by Johannes HegerMarketplace Cloud apps
Undo Transition by Avisi B.V.Marketplace Cloud app
Unique Regex Custom Field by Andrey V MarkelovMarketplace Cloud app
User Anonymizer for Jira by Actonic GmbHMarketplace Cloud app
User Switcher for Jira by TNG Technology Consulting GmbHAtlassian Cloud
Utilities for Jira by ServiceRocket (Archived app) Marketplace Cloud apps
Vacation Manager for Jira by Transition Technologies PSCMarketplace Cloud app
Version Manager for Jira by Holger SchimanskiMarketplace Cloud app
Visual Links - view & manage hierarchy by AlmariseMarketplace Cloud apps
Watcher Custom Field for Jira by Austin DaelemansMarketplace Cloud app
Workflow Essentials for Jira by codecentric AGMarketplace Cloud apps
Workflow PowerBox - automation suite by AlmariseMarketplace Cloud apps
Last modified on Feb 27, 2023

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