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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the Server and Data Center platforms.

Support for Server* products ended on February 15th 2024. If you are running a Server product, you can visit the Atlassian Server end of support announcement to review your migration options.

*Except Fisheye and Crucible


The Atlassian products provide a number of integration points with HipChat. However, Atlassian has discontinued development on all chat products and HipChat Cloud services were shut down in February 2019, meanwhile Hipchat Data Center and Server will both reach end of life in September 2019.

If you're not using HipChat, you can safely disable the integration on your instance by following the steps below for each individual product.


Here are the steps to be performed to disable the integration for the various products.


  1. First, please ensure you don't have any workflows that contain "Notify HipChat" post functions. Run this query on your database to identify affected workflows:

    select * from jiraworkflows where descriptor like '%hipchat%';

    JIRA will fail to start if you have any such defined HipChat post functions and the plugins are disabled on startup. If that happened and not able to restart Jira, please follow the resolutions noted in this KB article to enable the HipChat plugins. You may also see longer start times as Jira will still attempt to enable the plugins at startup.

  2. Navigate to the JIRA Administration Page > Manage apps

  3. Clink on the Manage apps menu and change the category from "User Installed" to "All apps"

  4. Search for "HipChat"

  5. Disable the following add-ons:

    1. Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin

    2. Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin Core

    3. HipChat for JIRA
Additional note on the integration with Jira

If the add on is enabled but Jira is not integrated with HipChat, users will still be prompted when viewing issues to create a discussion room in HipChat or to integrate with HipChat, e.g.:

HipChat discussions
Do you want to discuss this issue? Connect to HipChat

The steps above will remove this option in the user interface.

Additional note if Confluence Questions is installed

In Confluence v6.x and before, disabling Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin Core might disable Questions soy-template. So, leave this enabled in case Questions break.


  1. Navigate to the Confluence Administration Page > Manage apps

  2. Change the category from "User Installed" to "All apps"

  3. Search for "HipChat"

  4. Disable only the Confluence Hipchat Integration Plugin one,  until the removal of Hipchat related plugins are being shipped in Confluence 7.0.
    This is due to the dependency of the Emoticons plugin on the Atlassian HipChat Integration Plugin Code app.

 No other changes, including database queries or disabling of additional apps, is required.

Existing suggestion

In the meantime, we'd also encourage you to follow the improvement request ticket, in which will cover up-to-date news regarding the Hipchat plugins removal in Confluence:

CONFSERVER-57602 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Navigate to the Bitbucket Administration Page > Manage apps

  2. Change the category from "User Installed" to "All apps"

  3. Search for "HipChat"

  4. Disable only the Bitbucket Hipchat Integration Plugin one

 No other changes, including database queries or disabling of additional apps, is required.

What happens after the app has been disabled?

By disabling this apps, the following happens in Bitbucket:

  • the “Hipchat integration” menu item in the side bar of the administration page is removed.

  • the event listeners that trigger the HipChat messages to be sent are disabled so there is no attempt to send these messages to HipChat.

Impact on Emojis list

Bitbucket itself supports the standard smileys and the twemoji set of emojis.

Any additional emojis that were available when Bitbucket was integrated with HipChat will not be available anymore after disconnecting Bitbucket. This is because HipChat was the source for these emojis, including the custom ones.

Existing suggestion

This is the suggestion requesting for the removal of the integration in the product itself:

BSERV-11665 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DescriptionDisabling HipChat Integration
ProductJIRA, Hipchat

Last modified on Dec 10, 2020

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