Closed issues do not show up in Advanced Roadmap Plans

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Platform Notice: Cloud, Server, and Data Center - This article applies equally to all platforms.


Issues marked as "closed" do not show up in plans.


To see if an Issue is 'closed' without a resolution, try adding the Resolution field to the Default Issue Screen for that project and then viewing the issue.

Resolutions can't be unset

Once a Resolution is set, it can be changed, but cannot be unset.

In general, issues marked "Done" have been set to that status with a transition that requires a Resolution, so this situation can be hard to arrive at.  This situation generally occurs when an Issue is closed with a direct edit to the status field or with a custom transition, though there are also other ways to arrive at this situation, such as by dragging an issue to 'closed' in a board, etc.

This article covers only closed issues without Resolutions.  If your issue is not closed, or has a value in the Resolution field, see Some issues are missing from plans in Advanced Roadmaps for Jira for other potential causes.


If an Issue is closed but does not have a value in the Resolution field, the issue will not show up on a plan.


If a standard default workflow is in use, Transition the Issue to an In Progress state, then close the issue with a transition, which should require a Resolution to be set.

If using a custom workflow, create a screen to add to a Transition, and add the Resolution field to that screen.

For full instructions, see How to Edit the Resolution of a Jira Issue.

If many issues are in this state, they can be edited in bulk as described in Bulk edit resolutions in Jira.

Last modified on Aug 23, 2022

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