Some issues are missing from plans in Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Some Jira issues do not appear in the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira plans. You checked the issue sources in the plan and are sure the issue should qualify for it.


There could be multiple reasons for issues to not appear in plans. Please check the list below to see if any of the listed use cases apply to your situation.

  • The issues might be removed from the Issue Source by checking in the Removed Issues feature.
  • Your plan view might have filters applied. Make sure that the issue does not appear with all filters removed before proceeding further.
  • Your plan hierarchy filters might filter some of the issues out. Make sure your hierarchy filters include the range of issue types a missing issue belongs to.
  • Issues might be filtered out because of the Release settings of the Issue Sources. Confirm that the issue does not belong to releases that are being filtered out in Issue Sources settings.
  • Issue might be associated to an archived release. These are not included in plans but you may unarchive the release and remove the issue from it if needed.
  • Issues might be filtered out because of the Scope settings of the Issue Sources. Confirm that the issue is not unchecked at the Scope configuration of the Issue Sources settings.
  • Issues in completed status might be filtered out of a plan if they were resolved prior to the configured cutoff threshold in the issue sources. Check Issue Sources configuration and make sure that "Completed issues" parameter is set to the interval that covers the missing issue.
  • Issues in a completed status but without a Resolution set will not show up in plans Closed issues do not show up in Advanced Roadmap Plans.
  • Some issues might be in a resolved status, but do not have a resolution date for whatever reason. Those issues will be filtered out of the plan regardless of a cutoff setting in the Issue Sources configuration. Check if your issue qualifies for the following JQL: 

    statusCategory = done AND resolutiondate is null

    Issues must have a valid resolution date set in order to be included in the plan. Further investigation is needed to find the cause. Contact Support with the results of the query, to be able to fix the issue and prevent further issues.

  • The issues are scheduled outside the Plan's selected scope. You may try selecting "1Y", "Fit" or a custom time range that encompasses the missing issues schedule.
  • The field "Fix Version/s" is hidden in the Projects' Field Configuration. If that's the case, you need to show the field in all Field Configurations in use by the Projects imported into the Plans and reindex Jira for the changes to take effect. (ref.: JPOSERVER-1283)
  • There are multiple "Parent Link" type custom fields in Jira and the "Child issues" panel may not even be visible for some users. (ref.: JPOSERVER-3022)

Last modified on Aug 23, 2022

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