JIRA Service Desk Documentation

Put the power of JIRA in the hands of your service desk team. JIRA Service Desk combines an intuitive experience with powerful SLA management and realtime reporting.

Intuitive, user-friendly experience: 

Filing requests is easier than ever with the intuitive and clean interface of JIRA Service Desk's Customer Portal.  Customers see exactly what they need, and nothing more, in a language that they actually understand! IT Teams get to speak in their language and customers get to speak in theirs. 

Customizable queues:

Ensure that everyone is always working on the right requests at the right time with queues powered by the amazingly flexible JIRA Query Language (JQL). Queues help your team to divide and conquer requests in real-time as they arrive. Manual triage and prioritization of your requests is a thing of the past!

Advanced Service Level Agreements: 

Behind every great service desk team, you'll find great Service Level Agreements (SLAs) helping them to deliver consistent and awesome performance.  With JIRA Service Desk, you can set up advanced SLA metrics, report on performance in real-time and drive your team forward with highly visible SLA targets.

Powered by JIRA:

 Millions of developers around the world count on the power and extensibility of JIRA to help them to manage their work. Now, IT and operations teams can use that power too! Choose the JIRA platform for your service desk and get your software teams and your operations teams together and working in one system. One system to set up, one system to maintain, one system to learn.