Asset management for Jira Cloud

Asset management for Jira Cloud integration lets you and your teams link a wide array of resources you are currently managing in supported asset management applications directly into Jira Cloud issues or requests. Applications we current support for this integration are Oomnitza and Riada.

Installing a supported asset management marketplace app

  1. Search for your supported app at the Atlassian Marketplace Asset Management page.
  2. Select the app of the company you currently use for asset mangement. The apps listed on this page are the only ones currently supported for integration into Jira Cloud.
  3. From the "Available to install" tab, click + (install) next to the Jira Cloud integration. 
  4. Select the groups that will be able to use the integration. You can select all groups, specific groups, or allow group admins to enable it through their group settings. 

Configure the app 

Once you install the asset management app, you will need to configure it on the vendor's side before returning to finish the installation in your Jira Cloud instance. Follow the vendor's instructions to complete this part of the integration set-up. Once you have configured the app on the vendor's side, follow the instructions in the next section to complete the set-up.

The Jira Cloud for Workplace integration respects user privacy settings from both Jira Cloud and Workplace. Your team will only see content they have permissions to view. 

Remove your account access from Jira Cloud for Workplace

You can disconnect your Jira Cloud and Workplace accounts at any time. This will prevent you from viewing shared information across Jira Cloud and Workplace. Note that the integration can only be fully removed by community or group admins in Workplace. 

  1. In Jira Cloud, click your user avatar in the bottom left of the global navigation sidebar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click More actions (...) and select Jira Cloud for Workplace.
  4. Click Revoke all authorizationsPlease note that, if you have connected your account to multiple Workplace communities, access to all of them will be removed. 

Jira Cloud for Workplace support

This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian. If you need any help with the integration, head to the Atlassian Community or contact Atlassian Support

Last modified on Aug 12, 2019

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