Change organization for multiple issues

Hello Service Deskers,

Good news! You can now add multiple issues to an organization in one go. If you've just started using organizations, this is a great way to move customers' old issues to a new organization.

To add or remove organizations from lots of issues at once, use bulk change to change the organization: 

When you bulk change the organization field, it's the same as adding the organization as a participant on the issues:

Ready to bulk change some issues? Before you begin, make sure:

  • all the issues you want to change are in the same project
  • you're an agent for the project
  • you prevent inbox blizzards! If you're not an admin, check with one before you bulk change to make sure you don't send a notification for every issue you change.

Need a refresher on how to bulk change? Check out the documentation


Until next time,

The JIRA Service Desk Team

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