Auto-approve, new report gadget, & more

Hello Service Deskers,


We have lots of updates for you today! If you don't see them yet, be patient; they should land on your site in the next couple of days.


It's time to give your team a bit of R&R by auto-approving requests! The new automation THEN action auto-approve lets you auto-approve requests that meet certain conditions.

Our favorite use for them is to automatically approve purchases under a certain amount. To do this, you'd add a new custom Automation rule that looks for requests that require approval. For this example, we want the request to be automatically approved if the cost is less than or equal to 5. The parameters are:

    • When Issue is created
    • If budget <= 5
    • Then auto-approve

The rule looks like this:

When a customer requests an item that is less than $5, the request is automatically approved and transitions to the next status. When a customer requests an item that is greater than $5, the request still goes to approvers.

New report gadget

You can now get the latest service desk reports from the comfort of your dashboard. The Service desk report gadget displays custom or knowledge base reports from your project so you can keep track of SLAs or your workload in real time.

Menu updates

Finally, we've had a couple of changes to the global JIRA menu: 

  • In the Issues menu, view all filters has been renamed to Manage filters.

  • In the Dashboards menu, view all dashboards has been renamed to Manage dashboards.

Macro update

We've added several new languages for the JIRA {code} macro, including Python, CSS, C/C++, Visual Basic, Swift, and PHP.



The JIRA Service Desk Team

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