Knowledge base reports revamped

Hello service deskers,

Coming soon to your site - we've revamped our knowledge base reports to bring you better insights about how your articles are doing. You can now select a day on the graph to see more details about how knowledge articles were used on that day:

See how many requests are deflected by your knowledge base

The Self-service report is now called Requests deflected. Select a day to see the articles that customers gave a thumbs up in the portal:

You can also see the number of views in the portal, the author, and the date the article was last edited.

See how many requests are solved by knowledge articles

The Article helpfulness report is now called Requests resolved. Select a day to view one of the following:

  • Requests resolved with an article. This counts requests that were resolved after an agent shared an article in a comment. You might check this out to see if the request comments contain edge cases or notes you should add to the article.
  • Requests that were resolved without an article. These are requests for which agents didn't share articles with customers. If you see a lot of similar requests, you might need to write an article about them, or update the wording in an existing article.
  • Requests deflected in the portal. These are articles that customers gave a thumbs up in the portal.

As always, don't forget to check out our latest squashed bugs and improvements.


The JIRA Service Desk Team

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