Collecting customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback

Want to know how your team is doing? Send customers a quick survey when a request is resolved, then track their ratings and comments in a customer satisfaction report.

Use customer feedback data to identify strengths and weaknesses in the service quality, engage and motivate the team to improve satisfaction scores, and provide mentoring and training where required.

Turn on customer feedback

New service desk projects automatically collect customer feedback. Project administrators can turn customer feedback on or off for a project:

  1. Select Project settings > Satisfaction settings.
  2. Turn on Collect customer satisfaction feedback
  3. Optionally, edit the Question phrase to suit your service desk environment. This phrase appears in the resolved issue notification message that customers see.

When you turn on customer satisfaction, customers are sent a quick survey when their request is resolved. They can also leave optional feedback for the team:


View customer feedback

Agents can view satisfaction ratings in their queues and on their requests. The whole service desk team can view the Team satisfaction report: 

Project administrators can also create custom reports analyzing satisfaction trends. Useful custom reports include:

  • A trend graph of the average satisfaction rating for a specific period to view changes in service levels.
  • Satisfaction scores based on the type of service request. This would identify issues for which the team could provide knowledge articles. 
  • Satisfaction scores for an individual agent compared to team scores to help identify agents who would benefit from further training.

Last modified on Nov 9, 2020

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