Issues column on Commit tab of repositories does not show link to JIRA issue keys

Troubleshooting JIRA Integration

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After establishing an AppLink between Stash and JIRA successfully you are able to see a column called Issues on the Commit tab of your repositories, but Stash does not show the links to a JIRA issue as described on the section of JIRA integration - Stash.


  1. Stash is not picking up the JIRA issue keys because they are customised ones and the software is expecting the default ones to be parsed from the commit messages.

  2. Stash relies on hook scripts that are installed into each repository (and managed by the system) to provide change information that, in turn, allows it to index JIRA issues, update pull requests and check branch permissions, for instance. If the hooks are not installed correctly, or are damaged, these required callbacks do not happen and the functionality associated with them fails.

  3. This bug:  STASH-4287 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. The steps described on Integrating with custom JIRA issue key should be followed to fix this issue.

  2. To fix the hook scripts, follow the instructions in Git hook scripts are not executing.
Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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