User Configured pre-receive or post-receive Hooks Break After Upgrading Stash

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User configured pre or post receive hooks are not working after upgrading Stash.


If you added a pre-receive or post-receive hook, upon upgrading to Stash 2.0 or later, these will be moved to <STASH_HOME>/data/repositories/<NNN>/hooks/pre-receive.d/10_custom or <STASH_HOME>/data/repositories/<NNN>/hooks/post-receive.d/10_custom.

We replace the <STASH_HOME>/data/repositories/<NNN>/hooks/pre-receive and <STASH_HOME>/data/repositories/<NNN>/hooks/post-receive hook with our own that will call out to all the hooks in the .../hooks/pre-recieve.d and .../hooks/post-recieve.d directories in order.

NNN is the internal repository id.

If your custom hook references other scripts using relative path names (e.g. ./ or ../dir/ these will break and the hook will stop working.


Update your custom hooks accordingly to point to the correct location.
Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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