Configuring issue cloning

Jira's issue cloning behavior can be modified by Jira system administrators

Configuring cloned issue linking behavior

By default, when an issue is cloned, Jira will automatically create a link between the original and cloned issue using the pre-existing link type name 'Cloners'.

You can change this default behavior by editing the property of your file.
(info) If this property does not exist in your file, add it to the file.

  • If this property has a value, Jira will use the pre-existing link type whose name is the value specified for this property.
  • If this property has no value, Jira will not create links between original and cloned issues.

Configuring the cloned issue summary field prefix

By default, the 'Summary' field of a cloned issue is prefixed with the string 'CLONE - ' to indicate that the issue is a clone.

To change this prefix or prevent the addition of prefixes on cloned issues:

  1. Access Jira's Advanced Settings page. (See Advanced Jira configuration for more information.)
  2. Edit the value of the jira.clone.prefix property by clicking the existing value and specifying a different prefix for the 'Summary' field of cloned issues.
    (info) Specifying no value prevents a prefix being added to the 'Summary' field of cloned issues.
  3. Click the 'Update' button to save the new value in the Jira database.
Last modified on May 7, 2021

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