Jira Admin Helper

The Jira Admin Helper is a free, bundled app that answers questions like:

  • Why isn’t my field showing up on view/edit/create screens?
  • Why can/can’t a user see a certain issue?
  • Why did/didn’t a user get a certain email notification?
(info) The Jira Admin Helper app is visible only to Jira Administrators. When you are viewing an issue, it is available from the Admin menu.

On this page:

Field Helper

If you’re logged in as a Jira administrator, you can use the Field Helper – displayed as a Where is my field? link – to help you determine why a field is not appearing on a specific screen. The Field Helper works with custom fields as well as Jira system fields.

The Where is my field? link is available on:
  • Create Issue – in Configure Fields pop up
  • Edit issue - in Configure Fields pop up
  • View Issue- in More Actions menu
  • Issue Navigator – in cog menu

Simply click on the link and then enter the field name in the search box!

Here's an example:

Where is my issue field, accessed from within the Edit issue page.

After you enter the name of the missing field, the Field Helper returns a form that explains why this field is not appearing:

Where is my field page.

You can then use this information to fix your screen by adding this field to your project and issue type.

Permission Helper

The Jira Admin Helper can help you diagnose why a user can or cannot see a certain issue.

  1. Choose Administration () > System.
  2. Then choose Admin Helper > Permission Helper.
  3. Enter the username of the user (leave blank for anonymous users), an issue key (for example, an issue that the user can/cannot see) and the permission to check.
  4. Click Submit.

Permission Helper.

Notification Helper

The Notification Helper can you help figure out why a user didn't get an email notification when a comment was added. It's available from the view issue page, the issue navigator, and from Jira Administration.

  1. Choose Administration () > System.
  2. Then choose Admin Helper > Notification Helper.
  3. Enter the username of the user (leave blank for anonymous users) and select the Notification Event from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Submit.

Notification helper.

Last modified on Oct 6, 2021

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