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Editing group membership

To edit a group's membership, click the Edit Members link in the row for that group in the Group Browser. This takes you to a form that allows you to add or remove users from the group.


  • When a user is created and assigned to an application, they are automatically added to that application's Default group.
  • If you have a user limited license (e.g. personal license) and have reached your user limit, you will not be able to assign any further users to groups with log in permissions (i.e.application access) without first reducing the number of users with log in permissions.
  • If the group has the 'Jira System Administrators' global permission, you cannot edit its membership unless you have the 'Jira System Administrators' global permission.

Automatic group membership

To automatically add newly-created users to a particular group, you can assign the group as an application's default group, and then assign the application as the default application for user creation. Or specify the group name in the 'Default Group Memberships' option when Connecting to an LDAP directory. See Adding users to groups automatically for instructions.

Last modified on May 11, 2018

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