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Automation for Jira Server is easy to install from the Atlassian Marketplace and you can start creating rules immediately. Once you get going, you'll be guided through the creation of your first automation rules in one of your existing projects, or in a brand new sample project. This article on using sample rules shows you how to dive right in using Automation for Jira.

Marketplace editions

There are two editions of Automation for Jira in the Atlassian marketplace. Here's a summary:

EditionAutomation for Jira ProAutomation for Jira - Server Lite
HostingServer & Data CenterServer
Includes supportYesYes
Who it's for?Any team wanting the full power of Automation for Jira.Small teams using subset of features.
LimitationsNone - with Pro you get it all.You get unlimited rule executions, but features are restricted.
DownloadAutomation for JiraAutomation for Jira - Server Lite

For a full feature by feature comparison, please see the Pro vs Lite table below. You can try out the app before buying a licence for up to one month for free.


All Marketplace licensing is controlled by Atlassian. You can read more about it here but we have laid out the basics below.

You can trial Automation for Jira Server for up to 6 months. The trial can sometimes be extended by Atlassian upon request.

Pro vs Lite

We offer a free (lite) version of Automation for Jira to enable smaller teams to automate their processes without needing to pay. You can upgrade from Lite to Pro at any time by installing the Pro version. For more details, please read our detailed guides on upgrading. You can downgrade from Pro to Lite by first uninstalling Pro (in Manage add-ons), then re-enabling Lite.


If you downgrade from Pro to Lite, any automation rules using Pro-only rule components will no longer work. It is recommended to check which components you use before downgrading.

Feature checklist

Automation for Jira ProAutomation for Jira - Server Lite
Subscription modelPaidFree
Jira Data Center(tick)(error)
Includes support(tick)(tick)
No. of rule executionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Global rules(tick)(tick)
Multi-project rules (tick)(error)
Project admin access(tick)(error)
Working with related issues(tick)(error)
Field value changed(tick)(error)
Incoming webhook(tick)(error)
Issue assigned(tick)(tick)
Issue commented(tick)(tick)
Issue created(tick)(tick)
Issue deleted(tick)(tick)
Issue event(tick)(tick)
Issue linked(tick)(error)
Issue moved(tick)(error)
Issue property updated(tick)(tick)
Issue transitioned(tick)(tick)
Issue updated(tick)(tick)
Manual trigger(tick)(error)
Multiple issue events(tick)(tick)
Service limit breached(tick)(tick)
SLA threshold breached(tick)(error)
Sprint events(tick)(error)
Version events(tick)(error)
Work logged(tick)(error)
Compare condition(tick)(error)
If/else block(tick)(error)
Issue attachments condition(tick)(error)
JQL condition(tick)(tick)
Related issues condition(tick)(error)
User condition(tick)(tick)
Add Service Desk Customer(tick)(error)
Assign issue(tick)(tick)
Clone issue(tick)(error)
Comment on issue(tick)(error)
Create issue(tick)(error)
Create Service Desk request(tick)(tick)
Create sub-tasks(tick)(error)
Create version(tick)(error)
Delete attachments(tick)(tick)
Delete issue(tick)(tick)
Edit issue*


*When editing the Organization field, the option to use the Reporter's email domain is only available in the Pro version.

Link issue(tick)(error)
Log action(tick)(tick)
Log work(tick)(error)
Manage watchers(tick)(error)
Publish event(tick)(tick)
Re-fetch issue data(tick)(tick)
Release version(tick)(error)
Send email(tick)(error)
Send Microsoft Teams message(tick)(error)
Send Slack message(tick)(error)
Send Twilio notification(tick)(error)
Send webhook(tick)(error)
Set entity property(tick)(tick)
Transition issue(tick)(tick)

Third party actions

Automation for Jira Server allows extensions from other app vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace that contribute actions directly in our UI. Most of these apps and their actions are available in the Lite version, but not all of them. For details on available actions and apps, see Third party actions.

Last modified on Oct 26, 2021

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