Better support for creating sub-tasks with required fields

It’s fair to say that many of you use Automation for Jira Server to create issues and sub-tasks in particular. In fact a whopping 23% of rule actions in use out there are either ‘Create issue’ or ‘Create sub-tasks’!

As such it was time to add few little improvements to these actions. One of the main problems users ran into is that the ‘Create sub-tasks’ action couldn’t deal with required fields (if a sub-task type was setup in this way). You could create sub-tasks with required fields already using the ‘Create issue’ action, however this required setting the parent issue with JSON in the Advanced section:

Not ideal!

Sub-task field validation

For starters we added some validation now in the simple ‘Create sub-tasks’ action to check if there’s required fields other than the issue ‘summary’:

The error tells you which fields are required and with the handy little ‘Convert to Create issue action’ link you can switch to the full ‘Create issue’ action in a breeze! Your summary and issue type will be copied across! :boom:

Set the parent in create issue with ease

We also improved the ‘Create issue’ action to make setting the parent issue easy if you’ve selected a sub-task type! No more need for ugly JSON config.

When you select a sub-task type you now get this extra parent issue picker:

You can pick from any of the following options:

  • Trigger issue
  • Current issue: This only differs from the trigger issue if you are on a related issues branch
  • Smart-values: {{issue.fields.My Customfield With Parent Key}}
  • Issue keys: Simply type ‘TEST-123’

We also added the ‘Environment’ field to the list of fields that can be edited in the simply form.

Last modified on Jun 21, 2022

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