Smarter links in Jira: Automatically close duplicates!

Jira links are a great way to keep your issues organised. You can easily link issues that relate to each other, mark tickets as duplicates and so forth. But don’t you wish you could do more?

With Automation for Jira, you can trigger rules when issues are linked. Ever wanted to automatically close off an issue that’s linked as a “Duplicate”? Now you can! Whereas before, closing a duplicate issue might require three seperate manual actions (link issue, resolve, comment), you can now automate it to just a single step. You can create an automation rule to transition the issue to “Closed”, set the resolution correctly as “Duplicate”, and also add a friendly comment saying why it was closed. All this runs automatically when you add a link that matches the type “Duplicate”.

The great thing about using rules is that you can customize the actions to your own needs. You might want to update a “Last linked” date field so that you can easily search for it later on, or even trigger a workflow if the total number of links exceeded a threshold. You can use the same pattern and apply it to different types of links with different actions. For example, you might want to automatically set components and labels for a “Related issue” link so they stayed in sync. Anything is possible with just a few simple rules.

Come and check it out today! We’re available to try from the Atlassian Marketplace. We love hearing your feedback and many new features come from that, so get in touch and let us know how you’re going!

Last modified on Jun 21, 2022

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