Configuring miscellaneous settings for a job

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For each job of a plan, you can optionally specify a number of miscellaneous settings including:

  • Build hanging detection
  • NCover output
  • Clover code coverage

When manually enabling Clover integration, a clover.xml file will be produced by default.

To configure the miscellaneous settings for a job:

  1. Navigate to the desired job, as described in Configuring jobs.
  2. Edit the desired settings as follows:
    • Override default hanging build detection – override the default build hanging detection settings. These settings determine when a build hung event is thrown (e.g. you can configure your notifications to trigger from this event).
      • Build Time Multiplier — Calculate the 'Expected Build Time' for the build (i.e. 'Expected Build Time' = 'Build Time Multiplier' multiplied by 'Average Build Time'). 'Average Build Time' is calculated by using an average of previous build times.
      • Log Quiet Time — The amount of time since Bamboo last recorded an entry in the build log for a build. The 'Expected Build Time' and 'Log Quiet Time' must both be exceeded for Bamboo to throw the build hung event.
      • Build Queue Timeout — The amount of time that a build will wait in a build queue before a timeout event is thrown. Setting this value will override the global build queue timeout setting (see Configuring the build queue timeout event).
    • NCover output will be produced
      Don't select this option. NCover is a code coverage tool that supports .NET projects.
    • Collect code coverage data for this job
      Select this checkbox if:

  3. Select Save.
Last modified on Mar 13, 2024

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