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May 2020

We are proud to present Bamboo 8.0 Early Access ProgramThis release is part of our Early Access Program (EAP) leading up to the official  Bamboo 8.0  release. Development releases are a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on allowing Bamboo users to see the new features in advance and provide us with some useful feedback. It also gives add-on developers an opportunity to test and fix their add-ons in advance of an official release. See below for information how to install 8.0 EAP version and read more about features it comes comes out with. 

Bamboo 8.0 EAP should not be used on a production environment. This EAP also doesn't contain all features which will be available in the final 8.0 release.

How do I start my EAP license?

The EAP license is a demonstration license only and will expire on 31 July 2021
To start your Bamboo 8.0 EAP, download Bamboo 8.0 binaries from Bamboo Early Access Program Downloads, install it, and use the following trial license:

Show me the Bamboo 8.0 EAP license...

Improved build resilience

Previously, when when the server’s work was interrupted or if a server went down for more than five minutes, Bamboo builds would fail due to lack of connection of the building agent with the server. With Bamboo Data Center, the agent will continue its work and finish building even if the connection with the server is lost. Once the agent’s building work is done, it tries to connect to the server. If the server is already online, the agent will send build results, logs, and artifact to the server, and pick up next tasks from the server. If the server is still down, the agent will try to reconnect with the server after some time. For detailed information, see  Build resiliency in Bamboo Data Center .

Cold standby 

Starting from version 8.0, Bamboo will have one active node dedicated to handling the ongoing traffic from agents. To allow for quick recovery from outages and to reduce downtime after crashes, you can configure additional nodes which will take over the active node's work if it goes down. For more information, see Set up a Bamboo Data Center cold standby.

Changes to platforms

Bamboo is going to introduce the following potentially breaking changes:

  • Lucene API usage was deprecated at Bamboo 7.2 and is going to be removed in Bamboo 8.0. App vendors should use other places for data storage, like Bandana or Active Objects.
  • Mercurial is not supported anymore.
  • CVS plugins are not bundled with Bamboo anymore. 


May 2020 - Bamboo 8.0 EAP

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