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While your users may be able to log in to one site's product, they may not have access to all your site's products. If they come across a page for a product they can't access (i.e. another user sends them the URL), they'll see a Request access button. A user can also request access for other users to get them collaborating in the product.

Whenever a user requests access, all requests appear on the Access requests page, where you can grant or deny the request.

To approve or deny requests:

  1. Go to your site's Admin pages at

  2. Click Access requests in the sidebar.

  3. To approve a user's request, click Grant access.
    To deny a user's request, click the menu to the right and select Deny access. Selecting Deny access also prevents the user from requesting access in the future.

After you grant a user access to a product, we’ll add them to the default product group and start billing you for the new user.

After you deny a user access to a product, you can send them a short message explaining why.

Last modified on Apr 12, 2019

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