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  • Our Support team will help with workarounds and bug reporting
  • We schedule non-critical bugs according to a variety of considerations

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Are you developing an add-on for an Atlassian product or using one of our APIs? Report any related bugs here.

Bug reports

Atlassian Support is eager and happy to help verify bugs—we take pride in it! Create an issue in our support system, providing as much information as you can about how to replicate the problem you're experiencing. We'll replicate the bug to verify, then lodge the report for you. We'll also try to construct workarounds if possible.

Search existing bug reports

Use our issue tracker to search for existing bugs, then vote for and watch the ones that are important to you. When you watch an issue, we'll send you an e-mail notification when the issue's updated.

How we approach bug fixing

We update the product components in Atlassian Cloud as soon as possible, to take advantage of bug and security fixes. Developers responsible for bug fixing also monitor comments on existing and new bugs, so you can comment to provide feedback if you need to. We give high priority to security issues.

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See Atlassian Support Offerings for more support-related information.

Last modified on Jun 8, 2016

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