Atlassian Cloud Update Policy

If a problem has been fixed in an Atlassian application, provided that an update does not impact the quality or integrity of a product, Atlassian will ensure that patches for products are added to the next maintenance release.

As Atlassian Cloud is a hosted service, patches do not apply. Rather, the Atlassian Cloud system is upgraded regularly to incorporate recent updates to the component applications, including patches for these individual applications.

Updates for the component applications are issued under the following conditions:

  • The bug is critical (production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions).
  • An update is technically feasible (i.e. it doesn't require a major architectural change).
  • The issue is a security issue, and falls under our Security Policy.

Atlassian does not provide updates for non-critical bugs. 

Last modified on Jan 12, 2015

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