Eligibility for Support Tickets for Atlassian Cloud

Our Standard and Premium Support Cloud Support offerings are eligible for admins, technical contacts, and billing contacts only (see Atlassian Support Offerings). If you are unable to open a ticket via our support portal, you have a few choices:

Search or ask a question in the Atlassian Community

The Atlassian Community is a source of pride for us. We have millions of users and tens of thousands of answered questions. We have over 400 Community Leaders, many of whom are Solution Partners who have years of experience administering Atlassian products eager to help. We also have a team of Atlassian Community Support Engineers dedicated to helping in the community, many of whom came from our support team.

As part of this move, we will have dedicated Atlassian Support staff in addition to Community Leaders ready to answer your questions. In addition:

  • Find your answer instantly by searching a database of thousands of previously asked questions and answers

  • Get superior support via the product collection, where you can ask a question and get answers by a true expert, whether that be an Atlassian staff member, an Atlassian partner, or a Community Leader.

  • Swap best practices using the discussion forums to engage with other teams like yours to get s&% done

  • Discover valuable articles written by Atlassian Experts and Partners to get the most out of Atlassian products

  • Take the next step and watch the appropriate collection. Browse to the product you’re interested in watching, where you can subscribe.

Become an admin or trusted contact in your Jira, Jira Work Management, or Confluence Cloud instance

Admins are eligible to create support tickets. See the relevant documentation:

Become a technical or billing contact

The technical contact or billing contact can add additional technical contacts. See How do I add a technical or billing contact to my account? for instructions.

Protecting your company’s information

Protection for your data is critical to us. As part of our privacy and security measures, our support team won’t access your data unless you explicitly grant us that permission. Anyone eligible to create a support ticket has permission to grant this ability.

Ensure that all admins or technical contacts are maintained to avoid unnecessary exposure to your data.

Atlassian Partners

Only partners with the role type of admin or billing/technical contact will be authorized to approve data access when raising a ticket on behalf of a customer. 

If you are not the admin or billing/technical contact of your customer’s cloud instance, include the admin or billing/technical customer contact as a ticket participant to grant data access for the Atlassian support team.  

Last modified on Jul 22, 2021

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