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If your company uses Atlassian server applications in conjunction with your Atlassian Cloud site, you can create two-way links between your cloud and server apps. This allows you, for example, to take advantage of features like viewing Bitbucket Server commits or Bamboo build information in your JIRA Cloud application.

To see more detailed info on this subject, visit the Application Links Documentation.

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Your Atlassian Cloud site can't manage users for server applications. You'll have to use the application's built-in user-management or a local Crowd instance.

Requirements for linking to server apps

To set up application links between cloud and server applications, you must have administrator permissions on both the cloud and server applications. You should also make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • The application must be accessible via either port 80 or 443.
  • Check that the Base URL for the server application should be set correctly.
  • If you want to use SSL, you need to use a valid certificate (not a self-signed certificate).
  • Your server needs to be reachable by the Atlassian Cloud IP range. See Atlassian Cloud IP ranges and domains for details on the IP range used by Atlassian Cloud.
  • The URL for the application must fulfill the RFC 1738 URL standards.

Link to a server app

  1. In your Cloud site, choose the appropriate app from the application navigator ()
  2. Do one of the following:
    •  JIRA applications or Bamboo – Choose 
       >  Add-ons
    • Confluence – Choose 
       > General configuration
  3. Choose Application Links in the sidebar
  4. Enter the URL and choose Create new link
  5. Use the wizard to complete setup of the application link

If you want to create a project link (for example, a link between a project in JIRA Software Cloud and a Confluence space), follow these instructions for creating a project link. Project (or entity) links are automatically two-way links; you don't need to create a link from your server application to the project in the cloud.

Having trouble integrating your Atlassian products with application links?

We've developed a guide to troubleshooting application links, to help you out. Take a look at it if you need a hand getting around any errors or roadblocks with setting up application links.

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