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Apps extend what your team can do with Atlassian applications, so it's important to make sure that your team can still use their apps after moving to Data Center. This document provides an overview on evaluating apps before you upgrade from Server to Data Center.

For issues regarding apps, contact the app vendor. You may also check our support resources or contact Atlassian Support or Premier Support.

Check if your app is Data Center approved

Apps for Data Center are built with highly available, clustered environments in mind. They undergo a testing and validation process managed by Atlassian in conjunction with Marketplace vendors, and they are proven to perform reliably and consistently in large-scale Data Center product environments. 

You can check if an app is Data Center approved on its page in the Atlassian Marketplace:

  1. Go to Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Select an app.
  3. In the dropdown, look for the Data Center option:

For more information about Data Center approved apps, see:

Evaluate your custom apps

Similar to Marketplace apps, you will want to test any custom-built apps in your Data Center test environment. You may also choose to develop a custom app if your Marketplace app is not compatible with Data Center. If your custom app is not working properly or you need to develop one for Data Center, you can review the following links for guidance:

You can also use the app validator to ensure your Confluence apps will work on Confluence Data Center.

Check your app usage

Before beginning the process, it's a good idea to check if you're using apps that have functionality overlaps with other installed apps. You should also check for any unused or infrequently used apps. While apps provide a lot of extended functionality, tests show that the number of apps can impact application performance, so removing unused or seldom used apps can help increase your application's performance.

Since apps can modify different aspects of the application's functionality, there is no quick way to check for apps usage. To do this, many of our customers rely on manual audits, checking the application logs, and monitoring tools.

App Usage for Jira is a free app, created by Atlassian, to help you discover how often your installed apps are used, and how they are being used. It tracks how your apps have embedded themselves in Jira, so you can learn about their API calls, web panels, page modules, database tables, JQL functions, and more. 

If you're considering a migration, this app show app usage insights that would otherwise be hard to find, helping you to make decisions about which apps are important to your users.

Check app performance impact

Apps can impact the performance of an instance, especially when the instance gets to a size profile of Large or XLarge. We recommend that you first test your data set on an instance with all apps enabled. Whenever possible, use a clone of your data set for the test instance and simulate the same amount of traffic you normally see in production.

Check out Atlassian Performance Testing Framework for more information about testing Bitbucket Data Center and Confluence Data Center. For Jira Data Center, you can try Jira Performance Tests.

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Data Center approved apps testing framework

You can also try testing your apps using the same framework we use for testing Data Center approved apps. For more information, see Performance and scale testing your Data Center app.

Last modified on Nov 19, 2023

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