Data Center performance

Looking for tips on how to start monitoring your Data Center instance? Whether you're evaluating Data Center or already up and runningwe're here to guide you in monitoring and managing the performance of your instance.

Why we test

Testing your application helps determine whether your infrastructure is capable of supporting adequate performance levels under typical loads. You'll need to predict realistic usage patterns and load to conduct useful tests.

These resources provide some information on how to conduct your own tests, along with some insights on how we test Data Center applications ourselves.

Why we monitor

To keep your instance healthy, you need to monitor it regularly. To do that, you need to know which metrics to track, create alarms for critical thresholds, and make plans for when you hit them. Do it right, and your Data Center application will continue performing at an optimal level.

Every deployment is different, so we've provided you with guidelines for forming a performance monitoring plan to suit your environment.

Last modified on Mar 1, 2018

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