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Once you have installed a new Data Center application or moved your Server application to Data Center, performance testing gives you insight into how your application performs under scenarios relevant to your organization and can help you further optimize your deployment.

Atlassian Performance Testing Framework 

The Atlassian Performance Testing Framework (formerly known as the Elastic Experiment Executor, or E3) was designed to help you set up, execute, and analyze performance under load on Atlassian Server and Data Center applications.

We no longer use the Atlassian Performance Testing framework for our own performance tests. You can still use the framework, but we won’t be able to provide support or help you interpret the results.

You can also use these tools to test the performance of Jira Data Center. 

Atlassian performance testing examples

We subject our Data Center products to extensive performance testing to observe how well they perform under various loads. We've made some of those tests available to you. You can use them as reference for building your own test plans or comparing the data points with results of your own tests. 

Jira performance and scale tests

With every Jira release, we also publish a performance and scaling report that compares performance of the current Jira version with the previous one. See Jira performance and scale testing

Last modified on Aug 26, 2019

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