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Migrating an existing Server installation to Data Center? This guide provides you with a high level overview of the steps you’ll need to take.

Keep your server infrastructure when you upgrade

If you have an existing Server installation, you can still use its infrastructure when you upgrade to Data Center. Many features exclusive to Data Center (like SAML single sign-onself-protection via rate limiting, and CDN support) don't require clustered infrastructure. You can start using these Data Center features by simply upgrading your Server installation’s license.

For more information on whether clustering is right for you, check out Data Center architecture and infrastructure options.

Migrating from Server to Data Center? If you currently have apps installed on your Server installation, you’ll also need to upgrade your apps to the Data Center version—if one is available. Learn more about how Data Center app licensing works

Cluster your application

Clustered Data Center deployments require additional infrastructure (such as a load balancer), and a more complex deployment topology, so there will be more steps involved in the migration process.

It's important to build and follow a plan to successfully make the switch to a clustered deployment model. The Atlassian Data Center upgrade guide provides some guidance on the overall process, organizational preparedness, estimated time frames, and app compatibility as well as useful tests and checks to perform throughout the moving process.

Consolidate multiple instances

If you plan to consolidate multiple individual instances into a single Data Center deployment, then check out our overview of Atlassian Data Center instance consolidation.

We're here to help

We have a range of services and programs designed to help you choose and implement the right solution for your organization. Check our Enterprise services page for details about services included with your Data Center license as well as our paid services.

Last modified on Nov 7, 2023

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