Backup and restoration for Atlassian Data Center

Every Atlassian Data Center product has its own built-in backup feature, allowing you to export your data for safekeeping or later restoration. The following resources describe how it works for each product:

The Backing up data and Restoring data pages explain the backup and restoration process, along with our recommendations for each.

Backup and Restore lists useful resources, along with recommendations for manual and automated backups.

In particular, Production Backup Strategy recommends specific methods for backing up larger Confluence sites.

Data recovery and backups lays out the difference between three different backup methods, only two of which are supported in Bitbucket Data Center:

Backups are useful not just for migrating your data, but also for protecting it from catastrophic loss. You can go one step further by implementing disaster recovery strategies to ensure business continuity. For more information, see Disaster recovery for Atlassian Data Center

Last modified on May 8, 2019

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