Atlassian Data Center migration checklist

When migrating your Atlassian Server application to a Data Center deployment, you should run through a few tests and checks throughout the process to help ensure a successful deployment. This article gives a high-level overview of things you can do while migrating. It assumes that you have already upgraded your application if that is part of your overall plan. For more detailed guidance related to your environment, a Technical Account Manager can help build a methodology specific to your organization's needs.

These tasks are broken up by phase:

The steps before migration are mainly to ensure that the current application server is ready to be migrated to Data Center. The testing during and after migration, done in a testing or staging instance, ensures that your application's integrations, functionality, and performance are ready for a production deployment. Premier Support customers can request a Premier Support Engineer to evaluate the application configuration after migration and, with notification, request weekend coverage for production deployments if necessary.

Before you migrate a Server application to a Data Center deployment

  • Document database statistics found in System information for comparison after the migration process. Examples include the number of issues, projects, and spaces.
  • Evaluate that installed add-ons are ready for Data Center.
  • Document all in-house customizations, such as application configuration file changes and custom scripts, and evaluate if they are ready for a multi-node deployment.
  • Perform baseline performance testing on your current Server instance. You will need to use the tools that best suit your testing strategies and environments. Some possible options are:
  • Schedule a health check if you are a Premier Support customer.


During the Data Center migration process, we recommend that you test all integrations after adding each node.

  • Verify that any Atlassian application integrations are working properly. Examples include Jira integrated with Confluence and Bitbucket integrated with Bamboo.
  • Verify that any custom integrations are working properly. Examples include Jira integrated with Salesforce or with Tableau.
  • Verify that any application's add-ons are working properly.
  • Verify that the LDAP integration is working properly.
  • Perform a manual or automated smoke test to check the application's basic functionality and dominant use cases.

For help with any of the above tasks, see the following links:

After you migrate a Server application to a Data Center deployment

  • Compare the database statistics collected before the migration.
  • Test the operation and functionality of the application to identify any behavior gaps between the Data Center and Server deployment of the application. Allow time for different teams and users to test different functionality and workflows.
  • Measure your application's API access patterns either by monitoring traffic or by checking the application logs.
  • Test reporting, disaster, and disaster recovery process.
  • Repeat performance testing using the same tools listed above. The Atlassian Performance Testing Framework also works with Confluence Data Center.

If you would like to see how we conducted performance tests on our Data Center products, see the following links:

Last modified on Jan 12, 2018

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