Jira Data Center Add-ons

Installing add-ons

With Data Center, you can install an add-on on any single node and this will be replicated to all other nodes. The add-on license (if one is required) behaves in the same way: install it once and it will be replicated across the cluster. Add-on's and associated data live in the Shared File System, and therefore need only be installed once (on any node) to be recognized by the cluster.

Data Center-compliant add-ons

Vendors are required to perform their own testing on Data Center, and if compliant they can upload a new version to the Atlassian Marketplace and mark it Data Center safe. When viewing an add-on in the Marketplace, look for the drop-down menu, and choose the Data Center option.

If an Add-On is not Data Center compatible, you should contact the add-on vendor directly.

Add-on licensing

An Add-on needs to meet or exceed your Data Center license. For example, for a 3,000 user instance of Jira Software Data Center, you would purchase Tempo for 2,001-10,000 user at the Server price.

Auditing your own customizations or add-ons

We've written a guide on what to check for in your own customizations here:

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Last modified on Sep 10, 2018

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