Jira Data Center Health Check Tools

Data Center provides a set of tools that you can use to monitor the health of your instance, as well as to identify the root cause when the instance is not performing as expected.

It's recommended that you look at the status of the health check tools after you initially install Data Center, anytime you add a node to the instance, and anytime you need to troubleshoot your setup.

Accessing the health checks

To access the health check tools, go to > System > Troubleshooting and Support tools. All health checks are listed in the Instance health tab. Expand each of them to see the details and links to knowledge base articles that describe the results.

Details on cluster health checks

The following table provides more details on the clustering health checks that are specific to Data Center.

Cluster Index Replication health check fails in Jira Data Center

An error on this health check could indicate that search results are not up to date on some nodes. Contact Support if this persists.

Cluster Locks health check fails in Jira Server

An error on this health check indicates that there might be a problem with a plugin and the way it uses locks.

HealthCheck: SchedulerThe Scheduler causes events to fire at designated times, similar to cron or Windows Task Manager. Contact  Support if this health check fails.
Cluster Cache Replication health check fails in Jira Data Center

Checks that the internode communication settings in the cluster.properties file are correct. Also checks that your network configuration is set up correctly.

HealthCheck: Cluster Time Synchronization

Checks that the time is synchronized on all nodes in the cluster. To make sure that the time is synchronized, use an automated service, such as NTPD.

HealthCheck: Shared Home

Checks that the shared home directory is correctly configured in the cluster.properties file, and that the shared file system is working properly.

Last modified on Sep 3, 2019

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