What is the relationship between Fisheye and Crucible? Can I just use Crucible?

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Fisheye and Crucible are two separate products that are highly integrated with one another. Fisheye provides the ability to browse, search, and report from your repository data as it has the ability to index your entire repository history. Crucible, on the other hand, provides code review features. Both tools use the same architecture, i.e. when you install one, the other is automatically installed with it. To use the functionality that Fisheye provides, you must purchase a commercial license key and paste that into the Fisheye/Crucible administration panel - the same goes for Crucible. If you provide only one key, then the features of the unlicensed product would not be visible, meaning if you don't license Crucible, then code reviews are unavailable and vice-versa.

It can definitely be a bit confusing to start out with Fisheye and Crucible, which is why we recommend doing a free 30 day evaluation of both tools. If you'd rather just use Crucible without Fisheye, then there are some features that will be missing (anything that has to do with browsing, searching, and reporting of code). Click here to learn more about Crucible and Fisheye and What happens if I decide to stop using Fisheye with Crucible 

Last modified on Nov 30, 2021

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