What happens if I decide to stop using Fisheye with Crucible

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Crucible can be run as an application alone, without Fisheye. However, if you decide to stop using Fisheye with Crucible, you will lose certain functionality and will need to make configuration changes.

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How do I run Crucible without Fisheye?

  • Have a valid Crucible license but not a Fisheye license
    To run Crucible without Fisheye you need to have a valid Crucible license but not a Fisheye license or if you want to disable Fisheye enter Disabled in the license field. Crucible will actually use a "light" mode of Fisheye that comes pre-bundled and does not need to be installed separately. For more information on Crucible with light Fisheye, see How is Crucible without Fisheye different from using Crucible with Fisheye? below.

  • No need to reconnect your repositories
    Any repositories that you have currently defined in Fisheye will not be visible in Crucible after removing Fisheye (no more Source tab). The repositories however, will continue to update as usual without any intervention. You can add additional repositories as described in the Fisheye documentation. Note, all repositories supported in Fisheye are supported in light Fisheye.

  • You need to reindex your repositories after removing a Fisheye license
    When you remove a Fisheye license, and operate with only a Crucible license, you need to reindex those repositories that were originally indexed under a Fisheye license. You do not need to remove those repositories, you just need to run a re-index to create an index which is compatible with your new license setup.

How is Crucible without Fisheye different from using Crucible with Fisheye?

The following changes in functionality will occur if you use Crucible without Fisheye (i.e. use Crucible with "light" Fisheye).

Conducting Reviews

  • When using Iterative reviews in Crucible, you will not be prompted when a new version of a file is available.

Viewing Repositories/Files

  • Files and changesets displayed in activity streams (e.g. the dashboard activity stream) will not render as links to the relevant files/changesets.
  • You will not be able to see your content roots and repositories associated with projects.


Last modified on Mar 7, 2024

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