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When browsing a repository, the Reports tab displays a chart of the lines of code (LoC) committed to the repository over time. The following options are available:

Delta Lines of Code

Delta lines of code (DLOC) allows you to monitor repository activity in terms of the number of lines of code added and removed in a selected period of time, and by selected committers. More...


Click Reports and then Charts when browsing a repository to see charts of activity in the repository.

You can control the chart type that is displayed and various chart options. Click the cog icon on the left, select the required options, and click Apply. The available options include:





Branch/Tag selector

Limits the chart to the selected branch/tag.

Any branch/tag from the current repository.

Displays the default/trunk.

Chart type

Changes the chart's presentation.

Area, line, pie or change* chart.



Limits the chart to show specific author(s).

Any author configured in the system.



Limits the chart to show specific file type(s).

Any file extension; e.g. '.java'.



Limit the chart to a folder under the current branch. Files in the current directory are represented by an element labeled '.(this dir)'.

A single folder.

None (show all)

Start Date

Date of the earliest data to show.

Date in format YYYY-MM-DD.

None (show all)

End Date

Date of the latest data to show.

Date in format YYYY-MM-DD.

None (show all)

(info) *The 'Change' chart displays the change in lines of code, for a specific date range, expressed as a line graph. For example, if the lines of code at the start date is 100, the start point will be zero and the rest of the graph shifted by 100 lines.

Screenshot: Fisheye custom chart settings

Screenshot: Fisheye per-author LOC chart

Screenshot: Fisheye per-author LOC chart showing multiple authors

Screenshot: Fisheye LOC chart by file extension

Per-Author Lines of Code Statistics

You can view per-author statistics for lines of code as a chart. This allows you to see how many lines of code were contributed to your project by each author, over time. You can easily view this information on the charts page. Note, if you are upgrading from a previous version of Fisheye, you will need to re-index the repository in order to show the per-author information.

Code Metrics

A number of built-in reports are also provided:

Screenshot: Commit Time/Volume

Screenshot: Top Committers


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