Viewing a file history

You can view a specific file when browsing a repository. This allows you to see information about the file, including the history of file revisions.

View the history of revisions for a file

  1. Log into Fisheye/Crucible.
  2. Search, or browse through a repository, to find the file.
  3. Click the Revisions tab. The history of revisions for the file will be displayed. See the 'File Revisions' screenshot below.

    Diff 2 selectedCheck boxes for two file revisions and then click to view the diff for those revisions. 
    Diff latestView the diff of the two most recent file revisions.
    FilterView the file filter. Enter the desired fields to filter the file history results on.
    Include other branchesInclude revisions of the same file from other branches.(info)A file can have many physical paths, all of which relate to the same filename in your project structure, or repository's logical structure. This applies to Subversion's branching and tagging directory structure in particular.
    Show all detailsToggle expand or collapse of all file revisions to show additional information including the revision ID, parents and the branch where it is head, denoted with this graphic: .

See the 'Overview of a File Revision' diagram below for an explanation of the information provided about individual revisions.

Screenshot: File Revisions

Diagram: Overview of a file revision

  1. Toggle display of details
  2. Click to see author's profile
  3. Choose the branch
  4. Lines of code added or removed
  5. Show diff to the previous version
  6. Choose: Raw, Diff to latest, View in Graph, Permalink


Last modified on Oct 25, 2018

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