Viewing people's statistics

To see charts and activity of everyone who commits code to your Fisheye repositories, click the People tab at the top of the screen. 

Screenshot: List of all commiters in Fisheye

The All Users screen shows all those with accounts on the system. You can see their commit history (expressed as a bar graph) and their total number of commits. 

Click on a person's name to see detailed information about their additions to the repository, and issue updates. If you are using Fisheye with Crucible and have Jira integration set up, you can see their review activity.

Screenshot: Statistics on a Person in Fisheye

Some users may not appear to have the correct number of Files Changed, despite regularly committing. In this situation, if they have committed to a directory which is not covered by the regexes in your symbolic definition (i.e. they have committed to a directory that is neither trunk, branches or tags) then that directory will be counted as part of trunk. Also note that creating tags and branches themselves does not count toward the totals in Fisheye.


By default, each user has a unique avatar that is randomly formed from the text in their email address. You can add your own avatar by uploading an image to an external service such as Gravatar, which Crucible supports. See changing your user profile.

If you are using Crucible, statistics for each person's code reviews are also available.

Last modified on Oct 25, 2018

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