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8 steps to JIRA Core field greatness

Let's take a look at how to present and organize information in JIRA Core so we can optimize how teams use that information. Defining issue ...

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Task management with Confluence and JIRA Core

Task management in JIRA Core and task management in Confluence. How are they related? Both products enable and encourage teams to collaborat...

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3 tips to get more out of JIRA Core with keyboard shortcuts

Nothing will improve your speed throughout JIRA Core more than keyboard shortcuts. From creating issues to assigning work, keyboard shortcut...

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5 steps to a killer JIRA dashboard

Is your team agile? Check out our agile dashboard guide # in the JIRA Software space! Imagine walking into a status meeting knowing things a...

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Saving and sharing your search results

It's important to have a shared source of truth across your team that represents the work that needs to be done between now and the next mil...

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Search JIRA like a boss with JQL

JQL stands for JIRA Query Language (not to be confused with Java Query Language). It’s the most flexible way to search for issues in JIRA an...

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