Mapping issue assignees to team members

This page discusses the usage of Advanced Roadmaps live plans. If you're using the redesigned planning interface, see this page instead.

You can define the hierarchy level up to which Advanced Roadmaps will try to match the assignee of an issue to the corresponding member of the team. Specify the level at which the issue assignees in Jira are indeed the people who will actually work on the issues.

For example, you may have the Product Manager assigned to an epic, and individual developers assigned to the stories within that epic. In reality, the Product Manager won't really be the person working on the stories, since it will be the developers themselves. You can then set the issue assignee import level to story , in this case. Advanced Roadmaps will then take the story assignees into account, but not the epic assignees.

For the Jira issue assignee to show in the team member column in your plan, these conditions must apply:

  • There is no member set for the issue in the plan.
  • The assignee is set on the issue in Jira.
  • The assignee is part of a team in your plan.
  • If you've made a manual team assignment, make sure the assignee is part of that team.
  • The issue assignee import level must be set to a hierarchy level. See Configuring initiatives and other hierarchy levels.
  • To see the assignee that is being pulled from Jira, you have to calculate your plan.

    Before calculating your plan, note that for the assignee to display, the issue must have either an estimate, or a sprint manually associated to it.

    Depending on how unestimated items are scheduled in your plan, these details are required for calculation to work and display the assignee:
    • Based on default estimates: Values must already be set as default estimates for all hierarchy levels.
    • Based on target dates: The issue must be estimated, or must have a sprint manually associated to it.
    • Custom: The issue must be estimated, or must have a sprint manually associated to it.
    • Off: The issue must be estimated.

To define the issue assignee import level:

  1. In your plan, click more () next to the plan name > Configure > Scheduling.
  2. In the scheduling options section, go to the issue assignee import level menu, and select the level.

To set an assignee as a team member:

You can manually set an issue assignee in a plan, and update the Jira issue with this assignee change once you commit the change.

  1. In your plan, click more () next to the plan name > Configure > Commit of changes.
  2. To commit issue assignees from plans into Jira, click On.

(info) Note that if you select off, whenever you change an issue assignee in a plan, this won't affect the Jira assignee, even if you commit changes.

Last modified on Apr 7, 2020

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