This page discusses the usage of Advanced Roadmaps live plans. If you're using the redesigned planning interface, see this page instead.

Plans feature a seamless integration with Jira. Changes that happen in the selected agile boards and projects will be reflected in your plan in Advanced Roadmaps. It also works the other way around; the new "review changes" dialog provides you with a full view of changes that have been made before committing them back to Jira.

In addition, you can create and customize unlimited hierarchical levels. The scope is usually composed of three key hierarchical levels by default:

  • Epics - Once higher-level priorities are settled, it's necessary to break them down into large pieces of work, which consist of multiple stories.
  • Stories - These are the user stories capture functionality requirements.
  • Sub-task - These are the work components that make up stories.
Check out some demo videos here.

Last modified on Apr 7, 2020

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