Administering Jira Software

All administrative functions of Jira Software require you to be a user with the Jira Administrators or Jira System Administrators  global permission.

As Jira Software is based on the Jira platform, many of the functions are documented in the Jira Admin documentation. 

Installing Jira Software and upgrading Jira Software

If you want to install a Jira application, or add a Jira application to your existing Jira installation, see Installing Jira applications (Jira Admin documentation).  If you want to upgrade your current version of Jira, see Upgrading Jira applications (Jira Admin documentation).

Backing up Jira

We recommend that you back up your Jira instance regularly. You should also back up before undertaking any activities that could result in unexpected data loss/changes, such as upgrading Jira to a new version or splitting your instance across multiple servers.

Learn more: Backing up data (Jira Admin documentation)

Supported platforms

We thoroughly test and provide support for our supported platforms (browsers, databases, Java platforms, etc). We strongly recommend that you use the supported platforms for your version of Jira.

Learn more: JIRA supported platforms (Jira Admin documentation)

Jira system administration

Jira server administration covers server administration (e.g. search indexing, audit logs, etc), global settings (e.g. time tracking, managing shared filters and dashboards, etc), and server optimization (e.g. performance testing, security, etc).

Learn more: Jira system administration (Jira Admin documentation)

Permissions overview

Jira Software has different types of permissions that cover a range of functionalities. This gives you the flexibility to restrict parts of the application to certain users or groups of users. For example, you could allow one user to assign issues in a project, but prevent another user from doing the same.

Learn more: Permissions overview

Configuring projects

This page provides information on how you configure projects in Jira Software, including defining projects, managing versions and components, configuring issues and project permissions, managing project notifications, project schemes, and screens, using the issue collector, working with workflows, etc.

Learn more: Configuring projects (Jira Admin documentation)

Layout and design

You can configure the layout and design of Jira Software to suit your organization's needs and preferences. For example, you can change Jira's color scheme and logo, set a default dashboard, show an announcement banner, and more. 

Learn more: Layout and design (Jira Admin documentation)

Last modified on May 11, 2018

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