OAuth error oauth_problem=consumer_key_unknown


When creating an application link, or using functionality that uses an application link, the applications aren't able to authenticate to each other.

The following appears in the application log:




  • Two applications are connected together using Application Links
  • The authentication method used is OAuth

Diagnostic Steps

  1. The error happens intermittently. Recreating Application Links from both servers still does not fix it
  2. Missing Application Link from one server


  1. There are duplicate data in the database causing it to use different Consumer key
  2. The Application Link is only configured in one direction. For example, Confluence is linked to JIRA; but JIRA does not have a reciprocal link to Confluence.


  1. Delete the duplicate data in the database

    1. Shutdown the application

    2. Backup database for rollback purposes
    3. Search for duplicate data 

      SELECT * FROM BANDANA WHERE bandanakey = 'com.atlassian.oauth.consumer.ConsumerService:host.__HOST_SERVICE__';
    4. Delete the duplicate data so that it will only have one result
    5. Restart the application
  2. Recreate Application Link in both serves

    1. If your applications use a reverse proxy, ensure they have been configured correctly for use with the reverse proxy.

    2. Once the applications have been configured, delete and recreate the Application Link.

    3. Alternatively, ensure the reverse proxy has been bypassed for use in an unproxied Application Link.

Last modified on Mar 14, 2018

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