OAuth error oauth_problem=timestamp_refused


When creating an application link, or using functionality that uses an application link, the applications aren't able to authenticate to each other.

The following appears in the application log:




  • Two applications are connected together using Application Links
  • The authentication method used is OAuth


When an oauth request is sent, an Authorization header is generated and sent along with the request. That header has a UTC timestamp attached to it. When the request arrives at the destination, the server will check to see if the current UTC time is within the acceptable timestamp window of 5 minutes since the request's timestamp.

This problem is caused when the current UTC time at the destination is at least 5 minutes later than the UTC timestamp attached to the request.

This can be caused by one or more of:

  • An incorrectly set time zone on at least one server
  • An out-of-date time zone definition, causing a server to think it has a different UTC offset to what it should be
  • At least 5 minutes difference in the UTC time between the two servers
  • Network latency can contribute to the cause of this problem; although it's rare that it's the complete cause


  • Ensure both servers have synchronised their time with a Network Time Server
  • Ensure time zone definitions provided by the operating system are up-to-date. For Linux it's usually the "tzdata" package. For Windows it should be kept up-to-date by Windows Update.
  • In cases where latency is a factor, the cause of the latency should be isolated and corrected.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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