Group customers in organizations

Many of you have requested a way to group customers so it's easier for them to view and share each others' requests. Our team has been hard at work on a way to do just that, and we're pleased to announce that JIRA Service Desk now supports organizations!

Organizations 101

Organizations are groups of customers that you can add to multiple projects. Customers can be members of multiple organizations, and can:

  • raise requests in all projects that use the organization.  
  • view and search the organization's requests from the My Requests page in the portal.
  • receive notifications about the organization's requests.
  • share requests with the organization. 

If you have the Service Desk Team role for a project, you can manage organizations from its Customers list (  ). Visit the docs to learn how to create organizations and add customers to them.

Other updates for organizations

  • In the customer portal, People involved is now called Shared with. In issues, organizations that customers share with display in the new Organizations custom field. Visit the docs to learn more about how sharing works with organizations.
  • In Project settings, Request security is now called Customer permissions. Visit the docs to learn about the new settings.
  • In the Customers list, Invite customers is now called Add customers.
  • Agents do not display on the Customers list.
  • In the customer portal, approval notifications display in the Requests menu:
  • There are two new JQL queries that you can use to create queues, SLAs and reports for organizations:

    Organizations = "organization nameSearch for all requests shared with an organization. Requests that were kept private won't be returned.Find all requests shared with Charlie Cakes Melbourne: Organizations = "Charlie Cakes Melbourne"
    single user field in organizationMembers("organization name")Search for all requests sent by the members of an organization. Returns requests that the members have shared with or kept private from that organization, and with any other organizations they're a member of.Find all requests sent by people who are not in Charlie Cakes Melbourne or Charlie Cakes Cairns: Reporter not in organizationMembers("Charlie Cakes Melbourne","Charlie Cakes Cairns")

For developers

Public APIs for organizations

Public Java service for organizations

Don't see organizations on your site yet? Check back in a day or two - they'll be landing soon. In the meantime, check out the bugs we've squashed recently.

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