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An object schema is a map on which you add various object types and then underlying objects. You need to have an object schema before you can create any object types and objects. Learn more about object schemas

Create an object schema

To create a new object schema:

  1. In the top navigation bar, select Insight > Insight Object Schemas.
  2. Click Create Object Schema.
  3. Select Empty Object Schema. You can also choose one of the schema templates that already come with a specific structure, including object types and attributes.
  4. Give it a name, key, and description.
  5. Set permissions for your schema, so your users can create object types and objects (see details below).

Sample IT assets schema

Here's the view of an object schema, based on the sample IT assets schema, pre-filled with data.

  1. Object types: List of object types in a schema. 
  2. Object type view: Switch between viewing object type's objects, attributes, or graph – the visual representation of its references.
  3. Object schema actions: Configuration options for the current object schema.
  4. Object schema actions: Configuration options for the selected object type.

Set permissions for your schema

Permissions let you choose roles that can view or edit your schema.


If you want your users to later work on object types and objects, they need to have at least the User role for the schema itself. Without this role, they won't be able to view or do anything with your schema.

To set schema permissions:

  1. Open your schema.
  2. At the top-right, click the Object Schema drop-down menu, and select Configure.
  3. Switch to the Roles tab, and add users or groups to specific roles. For more info about permissions, see Configuring roles and permissions.

Configure your schema

Object schemas have several configuration options that let you tailor it to your needs and make the future work easier for your users. For available options, see Configuring object schemas.

Last modified on Jul 12, 2022

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